Certified Flight Instructor

Once you become a CFI, you can take your love of flying and teach the next round of pilots.

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Pre-Reqs FAA

  • Have logged at least 250 hours total time.
  • Hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument Rating. 
  • Hold a valid FAA 3rd Class Medical Certificate (or higher).

Required Hours

By the time you have gotten to this point you have learned to fly at the commercial level. This training consist of learning how to fly from the right seat and finding out what it takes to become a CFI. We will give you the guidance of building lesson plans, and how to teach students. 

Estimated Costs

  • $850 - 5 hrs Flight Time
  • $600 - 10 hrs Flight Instruction
  • $900 - 15 hrs Ground Instruction
  • $250 - Kings Ground School Course
  • $150 - Books and Supplies
  • $350 - FAA Written (2)
  • $1,400 - Examiner’s Fee

$4,500 - Estimated Total

Estimated Costs are based on $170/hr Wet for the aircraft and $60/hr for the Instructor.