Private Pilot

This is a program to prepare you to pass your private pilots written, oral and flying tests for becoming a private pilot. If you want the fast track program, you must pass the written test before getting started on the fast track program. We even get in mountain flying.See the downloadable list under student information to get started.

Instrument Pilot

This is a program to allow a pilot to be able to navigate legally and safely thru the clouds  when traveling to your next destination. We suggest that all of our students fly in the clouds during the training to be able to actually experience what flying in the clouds actually feels like. This is weather permitting of course.

Commercial Pilot

This is a course that prepares a pilot for being able to be paid to fly. You will train to pass your written, oral and flying tests.

Rusty Pilot

This is a program for the rusty pilot that wants to get back in the air. This will allow you to become proficient and comfortable with flying again.

Aerobatics/Upset Recovery

This is a program thru 5 flights of approx and hour, that will help to gain more confidence with flying. During your flight if you were to become inverted, would you be able to recover? After taking this course you will finish with the confidence that you can. We will also be doing falling leaf, wing over, rolls, loops, half and full cuban eights, spins, hammer head stalls and on the last flight recovery from inverted flight maneuvers.  Each flight is tailored to each student and their tolerance. Weight restrictions do apply to this type of flight.

CFI/CFII Certification

This program is designed to prepare a pilot for passing the oral and flight test in becoming a certified flight instructor.

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